Good Morning Radiant Soul ☀️

Watch Artist and Writer, Sangeeta write and narrate a Love Letter

I started this movement…

because I wanted to feel excited again about waking up in the morning and cracking on with the day.

So, I made a movement:

365 Reasons to Wake Up Every Day. 

This list reminded me of the many reasons I have to look forward to getting out of bed each day and became my anchors. 

I knew that if my list could help me, it can help you too. And so, the movement began! Welcome!

  1. Share on Instagram: Use the hashtags: #myreasontowakeuptodayis (insert reason) & #365reasonstowakeupeverydaymovement
  2. Capture your reason for waking up today through a creative post
  3. Don’t forget to Tag me: @sangeetamelod on IG!
  4. Share with Family & Friends

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